Professor’s office

Escape the Room prepared amazing detective game "Professor's office". You will look for a famous chemist, who has been behaving strangely recently.

Step by step you start realizing the missing man is the least of a problem here. Much bigger mystery unfolds behind the curtains.

Ideal for beginners and families

The story of Professor´s office by Escape the Room is a masterpiece in every detail. The plot is rich with interesting twists and a lot of love for detail.

Your team becomes a group of detectives for truly memorable 75 minutes. Not only is this 15 minutes more than in other escape games, but the story is the best from all the games we have played in Prague so far. This means best from 14 games we played up until January 2017.

Interested why? Read a full review in our blog post: Can you find the missing professor?

Discount 300 CZK for Professor's office

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Escape the Room

RoomsDifficultySuccess rateBest timePricePlayers
Professor's officeNormal75%36m 03s1590 CZK2 - 5
Escape the Room - review
9 / 10 Reviewer
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Story & Atmosphere9.5
Professor´s office is a perfectly designed game. Its creators Escape the Room surely remembered the saying that "devil is in detail". You will appreciate their love for detail while looking for professor Bishop who mysteriously disappeared. This detective story flows very smoothly and gradually escalates to a grand finale. If you like escape games focused on thrilling story with detective quests, Professor´s office is your choice. SolvePrague team was taken away by the quality of the plot and we are happy to say this is the best escape game in Prague from story perspective. The game is very suitable for beginners and families with children.