Best Escape Rooms – discounts

badge_discountWhat are best escape rooms in Prague? Are you looking for an easier or a bit challenging escape game? Do you go with your friends or family? How many are you? What kind of story and atmosphere do you prefer?

SolvePrague provides a complete overview of all available escape rooms in Prague. Check the game details, difficulty level, customer reviews and exact address. Ermm, you like good deals as well? Use special SolvePrague code while booking and get 10 - 40% off.

Escape game should be a highlight

We understand your time in Prague is precious. You don´t want to waste it on an average game. Check customer reviews and ratings for the escape room before you book. 

SolvePrague team is an "Escape room quality watch dog". We personally visit and evaluate escape games in Prague to make sure tourists are not disappointed. Choose the best Exit Game suitable for you!

We write stories from our (sometimes pathetic) escape efforts on our SolvePrague blog. Check it out.

Choose. Click. Go.

SolvePrague is easy to use. You can book escape rooms via mobile phone from your hotel or directly from the street.

  1. Choose your game. Copy our discount code if available.
  2. Click "book now".
  3. Book your time. Insert our discount code to get 10 - 40 % off.

Enjoy the game. You can pay after you (hopefully) escape the room, discount will be applied.

Escape rooms discounts

Escape roomDiscountDiscount codeBook now
Decrypt200 CZKsolvepragueBook now
Butcher300 CZKsolvepragueBook now
Patient #27200 CZKsolvepragueBook now
Pavilion #13300 CZKsolvepragueBook now
Pavilion #13200 CZKsolvepragueBook now
Professor's office300 CZKsolvepragueBook now
EscapeRooms Prague250 CZKsolvepragueBook now
Escape from Alcatraz200 CZK16SOLVE366GBook now
Mad Doc200 CZKsolvepragueBook now
The Bombing of Prague200 CZK16SOLVE366GBook now
The Legend of Čechtice200 CZK16SOLVE366GBook now
MindMaze200 CZKsolvepragueBook now
Enigma200 CZKsolvepragueBook now
Experiment10%CHCIVEN1Book now
Jungle200 CZKsolvepragueBook now
The Padlock200 CZKsolvepragueBook now
Coderoom200 CZKsolvepragueBook now
Chess KEY Room200 CZKsolvepragueBook now
Mystery of Puzzle200 CZKSOLVEPRAGUEBook now
Mystery of Grand Master300 CZKsolvepragueBook now
Escape Car200 CZKsolvepragueBook now
The Curse of Vyšehrad - outdoor game100 CZK
200 CZK
300 CZK
solveprague1 (1 team)
solveprague2 (2 teams)
solveprague3 (3 teams)
Book now
Freddy Krueger10 %solvepragueBook now
Morgue10 %solvepragueBook now
Saw10 %solvepragueBook now
Star Wars10 %solvepragueBook now
Titanic10 %solvepragueBook now

Virtual reality escape rooms with discount

Escape roomDiscountDiscount codeBook now
Cosmos200 CZKFind hereBook now