About us

SolvePrague is a team of people who love riddles, brain teasers and escape games. Prague currently offers dozens of escape rooms and new ones are growing like mushrooms after rain.

We believe finding and booking amazing escape room should be easy and convenient.

That´s why we:

  • create high quality overview of all escape rooms in Prague;
  • help you choose suitable exit game be it your first or 15th escape room; and
  • offer discounts to most popular escape rooms.

Good and bad escape rooms

We don´t want to champion particular games and understand that experience from escape rooms can be a very subjective thing. However, we already encountered really bad escape games, which would completely put us off if it was our first escape room visit. We believe it is important to openly address this criticism so that bad games do not harm a growing trend of splendid escape room entertainment.

If you feel a bit shy about trying out an escape room, please read our What are escape rooms guide or how we embarassed ourselves when we got locked for the first time. Follow our blog for more of our escape experiences. Get a special SolvePrague Discount to popular escape rooms.

We trust you find all necessary information to choose your escape room and will have a wonderful experience during your stay in Prague. If you have any feedback to our webpage or would like to get in touch, please contact us at info@solveprague.cz.

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Team SolvePrague