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SolvePrague blog presents stories how we were (trying) to escape from locked rooms. It gives you a bit more feeling about the game at hand, but we never reveal too much information, so that your game experience is not spoiled.

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How many escape rooms are there in the world?

Have you ever wondered how many escape rooms really are there in the whole world? We have and we can tell you right away it’s not easy to find out. We tried anyway. First of all it needs to be said that numbers represented in this article are rough estimates, because there are no official Read More …


New sci-fi escape room Galactic Pioneers exceeds all expectations

We knew something exciting was in the making. We knew it was going to be good. But that good? High quality escape rooms in Prague Prague offers many high quality escape rooms. Basically every new game that we tried during the last year was good to say the least. That suggests very nice trend for Read More …

Nove unikove hry v Praze

New Escape Rooms in Prague

New escape rooms in Prague spring up like mushrooms every day, and we are very happy that their quality rises. New rooms are becoming better and more elaborated all the time. Would you like to know which ones are best? Below you will find information about news you should not miss:


Fallout as an escape room? Yes, please!

Good news for all fans of the computer game Fallout. Based on its idea, an escape room Mysterious Lab was created in Coderoom. And what’s the result?Choose your level firstAt the beginning you can choose your equipment (difficulty). Without hesitation we went for the most difficult option – gas masks. How else can you begin in a radioactive Read More …


Can you find the missing professor?

„We are not a typical escape the room game. I will not lock you anywhere. But I need your help. I need you to resolve the mystery of missing professor Bishop. He was working on something big behind these doors. Shortly before he disappeared, he was frantically working on something. He would barely leave the Read More …

Protected: Amazing career day with Amazon

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Would you assassinate Nazi Reich protector in WW2?

It´s 1942. Europe is trembling under amidst the biggest war conflict of all times. Whilst German forces are pressing towards Stalingrad, the Nazi grip on Prague gets shaken by the assassination of Reich Protector Reinhard Heydrich. German state secretary K. H. Frank calls a night curfew upon Prague and you can get arrested by Gestapo Read More …


Beware of poor Escape Games

Customers beware! Escape room business has a few treacherous specifics, which should make you cautious about choosing your games. In any other business area (restaurants, selling experiences, services, …) it is important to build a loyal base of customers, who will keep returning because they like your service. Retention is king. Not in escape room Read More …


Murder at Zizkov park

„What are you waiting for, rookies? That murder case is yours, gogogo!“ ….says room master of escape game Mission #‎53 and our team rapidly realizes he is serious about it. I abruptly put on a police vest, baseball cap and our team is ready to go. As we are approaching the murder scene, I feel Read More …

Tajemvstvi hlavolamu sleva

Epic Czech comic story now live

Please have a look above in the top banner of the page. Can you see the silver “cage” and “thorny ball” in it? Does it mean anything to you? No? This “hedgehog in cage” means world for generations of Czech teenagers. The story known as “Mystery of Puzzle” (the “Puzzle” is the above described “hedgehog Read More …

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5 ways escape rooms lead to self improvement

Life is too short to spend any time standing still. With the age of the Internet, nothing needs to slow down. There is always a way to be learning, exploring, and having fun. The Internet has also led to a globalized economy, where you are measured against anyone and everyone in the world. So with Read More …

Doorz vstup vaclavak

Inglorious Basterds at Wenceslas Square

Go to the Wenceslas Square, grab a machine gun and shoot all the Nazis. That would be quite bizarre, wouldn´t it? No. Quentin Tarantino does not think so. I was thrilled to become one of the famous Inglorious Basterds, even if it was only for 60 minutes. I was also wondering if rumors about scenery Read More …

What are Escape Rooms?

Have you heard about escape rooms or escape games? No? Or just roughly guessing what it is about? Check out how “Big Bang” gang crushed an escape room in record time: „Ugh, zombies! I´m out.“ You don´t need to worry about zombies jumping out of cupboard and harassing you in every game. Escape rooms are Read More …


Bombing of Prague with Becherovka

„This place meant a difference between life and death 71 years ago. In February 1945 American bombers bombed Prague. It kinda does not make sense to bomb your ally – Czechoslovakia was occupied by Hitler´s forces and was trying to revolt. Yet, Americans bombed us all the same. Why?” Such was a welcome sentence of Read More …


First time Locked – in Hotel Le Marais

We found out about escape games in spring 2015. I don´t know how but one day I find myself checking the details of escape room Murder in Hotel Le Marais by Lostrooms. Optimistic about our future behavior two friends, my better half and I book the game for Saturday early morning. We of course start Read More …