Fallout as an escape room? Yes, please!

Good news for all fans of the computer game Fallout. Based on its idea, an escape room Mysterious Lab was created in Coderoom. And what's the result?

Choose your level first

At the beginning you can choose your equipment (difficulty). Without hesitation we went for the most difficult option - gas masks. How else can you begin in a radioactive environment?

Straight after start your task is to find radioactive elements and remove the radiation, due to which you have to wear masks. All of you thus jump right into the action without having to find out what to do. It is a simple and funny task getting you involved into the game immediately.



Team SolvePrague.cz after escape room Mysterious Lab

Original tasks and story

The whole escape room continues in a similar spirit. Step by step you will solve tasks which are neither extremely complicated nor too easy. You needn't be a mathematical genius or a cryptologist. However, you need to be creative, cooperate as a team, and think logically.

The tasks are fun and fit into the context of the game, while the game makes sense from the beginning to the end. So you do nothing in vain, and all the tasks lead you to the only aim - find the mysterious substance which can get the Earth's surface rid of radioactivity.

Fridge is a must

Fallout_fridgeAnd will there be this old, round, ugly fridge as in Fallout? Of course! If you are patient, you'll have it. You will enjoy more Fallout stuff anyways. Even before the game itself loads of posters from the game await you in the lobby.

All in all the escape room is very impressive. It was in second place among visited escape rooms when this article was being written. Aside from the story and environment we especially liked original tasks. These are very well balanced at the same time - that means the game is suitable for both advanced teams and for less experienced.

Never heard of Fallout? No worries. You will still enjoy yourselves hugely. Neither knowledge nor skills from the computer game are prerequisites.

Save 200 CZK

Bring together a bunch of friends and go for the escape room Mysterious Lab. During the reservation just enter solveprague as a remark and get a discount of 200 CZK at payment automatically.

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