Can you find the missing professor?

„We are not a typical escape the room game. I will not lock you anywhere. But I need your help. I need you to resolve the mystery of missing professor Bishop. He was working on something big behind these doors. Shortly before he disappeared, he was frantically working on something. He would barely leave the room. His office is full of weird stuff. I´m sure there must be some cues inside to find out what´s going on.“

We don´t feel the typical adrenalin rush once the door gets locked behind us. But we feel like detectives who need to help in place where everybody else failed. Professor´s office looks standard on the first sight. We don´t find anything immediately suspicious. So we really need to search and seek like detectives from the first moment.

Flawless detective plot

The plot of this game is well elaborated from step one to the very end. All the details make perfect sense. So you need to be observant and alert to every possible cue.

You will get a remote support from professor Cooper during your investigation. Doctor Cooper is at the conference in Madrid so he will only communicate with you via chat in computer. This unique way of "hints" nicely fits the story and loops in the staff, who normally communicates via walkie-talkie.


SolvePrague team in the Professor´s office

To be frank the webpage of this game did not make us too excited about Professor´s office on the first place. The trailer looks  standard, too. So we were not super thrilled to play to be honest.

But when we started playing we gradually realized this game is completely different. All the little cues are so masterfully connected that it gradually drags you into the plot. Soon you forget about real life and get fully absorbed.

We left the game trully impressed. And we just had to replay the story in our heads and discuss it over and over. Everything was flowing so well and made so much sense. You just need to experience it.

Escape room professor´s office from Escape the Room is a fantastic choice for all detectives of any age, young or old, families with children, but also for escape game beginners. Whilst searching for professor Bishop you will experience a couple of surprising events you need to deal with. These sudden peaks escalate the game and make it more thrilling.

Can you find the missing professor Bishop? And why did he go missing after all?