New Escape Rooms in Prague

New escape rooms in Prague spring up like mushrooms every day, and we are very happy that their quality rises. New rooms are becoming better and more elaborated all the time. Would you like to know which ones are best? Below you will find information about news you should not miss:


Have you ever played the computer game Fallout, or did you even fall in love with it like us? If so, stop reading now, do not wait any more, and book the escape room "Mysterious lab" by Coderoom right away. The game is strongly inspired by Fallout's story, so the Fallout's addicts will surely enjoy themselves marvellously.

Evaluation by SolvePrague 9,1 / 10:

„Obvious choice for all Fallout fans, and no doubt a good choice for the others. The atmosphere and story are strongly based on Fallout...more

Evaluation by participants:

Marvin 10/10: „The Mysterious Lab starts at a brisk pace - you can choose from three levels of difficulty, which, however, resemble handicap in horse races, and matter only at the beginning...more


Team SolvePrague in Coderoom

Riddle Twist

Riddle Twist is an escape game not far from the underground station I.P. Pavlova, with recently opened escape room Xaverius. The game is for 2-4 players. It is inspired by the first Czech sci-fi Saint Xaverius by Jakub Arbes.

Evaluation by SolvePrague 8,6/10:

„Xaverius is technologically very well arranged room where you'll find many moving gadgets and surprises. The stage set of a chapel and scenery make a strong impression as well....more


Team SolvePrague after escape game Xaverius

Escape from Alcatraz

ExitRoom Prague is a renowned trademark famous for one of the best atmospheric escape rooms The Bombing of Prague. Now they come forward with a novelty Escape from Alcatraz, and we definitely have something to look forward to.

Evaluation by SolvePrague:

We haven't had an opportunity to visit the room so far.