New sci-fi escape room Galactic Pioneers exceeds all expectations

We knew something exciting was in the making. We knew it was going to be good. But that good?

High quality escape rooms in Prague

Prague offers many high quality escape rooms. Basically every new game that we tried during the last year was good to say the least. That suggests very nice trend for escape rooms in Prague – new escape rooms tend to be very good.

On the other hand we had been waiting for a truly outstanding game that would take our breath away for quite some time. And we got what we wanted!


Space experience in Galactic Pioneers

What is so great about this game? No exaggeration – everything. Exquisite props, detailed storyline and remarkable tasks. Creators put a lot of thought to every single detail and it really pays off.

But we are not going to spoil the fun for you. For example we are not going to tell you if you need to use any weapons (if you get your hands on any) nor if the mission is safe nor if you face aliens bursting out of chests. Nah, no worries, there are no such a things as monsters…

Evaluation of Galactic Pioneers

9,4 / 10 Creators of Galactic Pioneers push the level of Prague’s escape rooms one step further again. With no doubt we rate Galactic Pioneers amongst the best Prague escape rooms and we do recommend you to go and try it.

Science fiction escape room seems to be logical step in a wide range of themed games. Despite all of this Galacatic Pioneers is the first sci-fi escape room in Prague. Escape rooms are undergoing an evolution and for a high quality sci-fi game you need the following:

  • experience
  • ideas
  • budget for technologies

and most importantly you need to love science fiction. People behind MindMaze have it all and therefore we could enjoy one of the best escape rooms ourselves. Rest is up to you. If you already played Galactic Pioneers please rate the room on our page and if not see the trailer below and do not hesitate to book a game for yourself.

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