How many escape rooms are there in the world?

Have you ever wondered how many escape rooms really are there in the whole world? We have and we can tell you right away it’s not easy to find out. We tried anyway.

First of all it needs to be said that numbers represented in this article are rough estimates, because there are no official statistics of how many escape rooms are there. With some help we managed to get some numbers after all.

Exit Games figured out that the most escape rooms in the world are in the US, approximately 6000, which is hardly surprising. What might be surprising is that in Spain you can find 1400 escape games and approximately 1000 rooms in Poland. The most rooms per capita are in Netherlands, over 600 for population of 17 million and Israel with 350 games and population of 8.7 million.

When we count up all the available numbers, we get almost 10000 escape rooms. But we still need to add countries like Canada, Russia, Japan and all the others. Based on our experience our best estimate is 15000-20000 escape rooms and escape games in the whole world (if you want an exact number, we would go with 16666, because you can’t be wrong with that one 😉 ). But we need to remind you that it still is just a rough estimate and the exact number will vary on daily basis.

map with pins

Number of escape rooms in the Czech Republic and Prague

Numbers here are way more accurate. There are around 300 escape rooms in the Czech Republic with vast majority located in Prague. Czech capital offers about 150 different escape rooms and escape games. New rooms are created and closed every month though and the exact number is almost impossible to get.

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Here you have a map of available escape rooms in Prague (green marks indicate a discount):

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