Inglorious Basterds at Wenceslas Square

Go to the Wenceslas Square, grab a machine gun and shoot all the Nazis.

That would be quite bizarre, wouldn´t it? No. Quentin Tarantino does not think so. I was thrilled to become one of the famous Inglorious Basterds, even if it was only for 60 minutes. I was also wondering if rumors about scenery of this escape room were true. I heard Inglorious Basterds escape game was situated in a barn directly in the center of Wenceslas Square.

„A BARN?? At the center of Wenceslas square?” my friend Ondra gives me a suspicious look as we are walking closer to the Door Z premises. We are in the middle of Wenceslas square, just by hotel Ambassador, crowds of tourists flowing everywhere around us. We arrive at the right address, enter a conference building at that number and receptionists sends us up to the third floor, where plenty of offices are located. Giving up on these barn stories I´m wondering which office belongs to Door Z, successful escape room entertainment company.

We are suddenly greeted by an amicable miss who welcomes us and points us to the room master, who is smiling from ear to ear. I notice a Nazi cloak behind his chair and start wondering why he is suddenly smirking so strangely. But before I can make anything out of it, the lights go off and we are locked somewhere in complete darkness. Room master spits as he locks the door: “You get executed  by Gestapo in 60 minutes.”. There we go… We should have stayed home.

We get used to the darkness and start exploring our surroundings. I notice plenty of tools around us – shovel, pickaxe, rake and also an accordion, perhaps to lift up our spirits before execution. As if anybody was in the mood to play music in this gloom. The room is pretty small and we have no bloody clue how to get out! Unless…

Fast forward half an hour and our team is out of the initial room, experienced lot of things and is now preparing for the battle. We already posses a machine gun, hand grenade and located guards of SS…

I would love to tell you what came next, as our story was absolutely breathtaking.. But why would I? You can experience it yourself. So I give you just one final hint – item in the picture below is not a torch you´d ignite to get some light. It is a hand grenade used in second world war. It would give you too much light, so be careful.

rucni granat

Not a torch! Hand grenade.

Door Z bets on atmosphere and quests

From the moment you start your first quest, it will be clear that Door Z created a glorious atmosphere for this inglorious story. Quests excellently fit the story and I was happy it was mostly about smart application of quest items and general wit. Items you used once will not be needed for more quests so you progress very smoothly in the story line. Up until the final explosion…

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Solveprague team after escape game Inglorious Basterds at Door Z escape room