Epic Czech comic story now live

Please have a look above in the top banner of the page. Can you see the silver “cage” and “thorny ball” in it? Does it mean anything to you? No? This “hedgehog in cage” means world for generations of Czech teenagers.

The story known as “Mystery of Puzzle” (the “Puzzle” is the above described “hedgehog in the cage”) has been the most popular Czech comic book for several decades! It became TV series. It became a movie. It became several books. It has been as big as most famous bedtime stories like “Wolf and Rabbit”, “Bob and Bobek, rabbits from cylinder” or “Bee Mája” – just for older kids and adults. It is the story to know, if you are interested in Czech culture.

The comic book, created by Jaroslav Foglar, has been first published in 1940s. However, in 1980s or 1990s it has still been the most popular story among Czech teenagers. Incredible, isn´t it? Below you can see the prelude of the first part of very old Czech TV series. Very simple art. Intriguing story.

What is so special about this puzzle?

Czech teenagers spent long hours and days reading to uncover the mystery of puzzle. You can experience this unique part of Czech culture in just one hour. There is no other opportunity like this as Mystery of Puzzle was never translated to English, only to Polish and Hungarian.

Boys from “Fast arrows” fellowship stumbled upon first cues leading them towards mystery of the puzzle rather accidentally. A small boy told them about it. The story made Fast arrows curious and they started undertaking thrilling trips into the dark part of the city, where mysterious organization of other boys was formed. Much bigger organization of older and stronger boys in hostile part of city. Best invitation to carry out secret missions in the night…

You can experience this story in the escape room Mystery of puzzle. Your game starts as you enter a club room of the “Fast arrows”. Just like the one you could see in the above video. With an old wooden table, several chairs, cupboards and plenty of mysteriously looking items. Is mysterious puzzle “hedgehog in cage” hidden somewhere here? What do you think?

Unique excursion into Czech culture

We played escape room “Mystery of Puzzle” this week with our SolvePrague team. We have btw made the record time of the room. But nobody cares about that. What is interesting is whether or not the room fulfilled our expectations?

All of us in SolvePrague have spent big part of our childhood times with “Mystery of Puzzle” books, comic books, or TV series. So we had high expectations and were a bit nostalgic when we entered the room. The club room and items inside it were absolutely authentic. It felt like a trip back in time into good old “Fast arrows” days.

As a positive surprise, the room is also more technologically advanced than we expected. All of the gadgets and techy quests have a stylish old design so they fit well in the atmosphere of the room.

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Overall we recommend this game to everyone who likes strong stories, comic books and would like to explore unique pieces of Czech culture. Story and atmosphere of this room is amazing and gradually builds over time, so you will like it even if you don´t know the story yet.

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Can you resolve the puzzle and perhaps even beat our record of the room of 39 min 40 sec?

Mystery of Puzzle SolvePrague

SolvePrague Team after Mystery of Puzzle escape room – 1st September 2016 record time 39 : 40