Murder at Zizkov park

„What are you waiting for, rookies? That murder case is yours, gogogo!“

….says room master of escape game Mission #‎53 and our team rapidly realizes he is serious about it. I abruptly put on a police vest, baseball cap and our team is ready to go. As we are approaching the murder scene, I feel a little torch in my breast pocket and slowly acknowledge this is no joke. We are a team of rookie policemen on its way to investigate murder…

We enter the courtyard of house no. 53 at district Žižkov and it´s all much darker here, so we appreciate our torches. We can see lines with linen hanging from the balconies, a low cost Czech way how to dry your linen. Walls are all flaked. Old doors separate us from maze of basements behind them. The place is silent and sinister. In the middle of the courtyard is the spot of murder, dead body is not there anymore, but we can see police tapes and plenty of marks with numbers documenting the crime. What the hell has happened in here?


House no. 53 at Žižkov, escape game Mission #‎53

Escape room for advanced players

Before we praise this game up to the sky (because Padlock totally deserves it) we have a one big disclaimer. This game is absolutely not suitable for beginners. So if you are planning to visit your first game with your group, you should simply forget about The Padlock and choose a different escape room.

On the contrary, if you already played at least two or three escape games and are looking for a real challenge, we can absolutely recommend The Padlock.

99 minutes to investigate murder

You might be thinking if 99 minutes is not too much time for one game? It is absolutely NOT. The story is building with a great pace and it drags you into the plot in a way that you soon forget about the real world. (And if your bladder reminds you about first world problems, there is a toilet directly in the escape room area, so you can simply take a break whenever needed and feel you never left the game.).

Our final time was 84:40 and we did not really get stuck anywhere. Record time is currently 61 minutes (hats off, seriously) and success rate 53%, which only confirms how challenging Mission #‎53 truly is.

Our evaluation of Mission #‎53

It crossed our mind to claim this is the best game in Prague. However, let´s be careful with that as such statement would definitely not be true for beginners. What we can clearly say though is that this is an absolutely top choice for demanding customers of escape games, who want to experience something unique in Prague.

We appreciated mostly the authentic setting of Prague streets and courtyards. The Padlock really managed to build a real street and district inside the room, so you will almost forget you are not outside. You will walk long streets, pass a real van and will see benches in the park or bikes leaning against the wall. When we finished the game, we found out one of us (the very miss in the middle in picture below) actually thought we were outside the whole time 🙂

Secondly we absolutely loved the captivating story and creative quests. We were simply investigating a real murder and felt like real policemen who went out in the dark streets of district Žižkov to resolve the crime.

Discount CZK 200

You can visit escape game Mission #‎53 in The Padlock with our unique  CZK 200 discount. Make sure you fill in the code solveprague in the field “voucher number” (=”Číslo slevového voucheru”) while making a booking.


SolvePrague team in The Padlock, time 84:40