Bombing of Prague with Becherovka

„This place meant a difference between life and death 71 years ago. In February 1945 American bombers bombed Prague. It kinda does not make sense to bomb your ally – Czechoslovakia was occupied by Hitler´s forces and was trying to revolt. Yet, Americans bombed us all the same. Why?”

Such was a welcome sentence of owner and room-master of popular Exit Room “Bombing of Prague” and it found us gawking at each other in disbelief. One theory, as we found out later, says that Americans needed to paralyze Hitler´s routes and logistics before making a final strike. Another one speculates that bombers should have bombed Warsaw but ended up releasing their load above Prague due to fog.

Bombing of Prague starts

“The sky was misty that day. 23 minutes after noon alarm sirens went off. You are currently standing in the basement bunker which was built for situations of paramount emergency. Many people of Prague found a shelter running away from American bombers on this very day. “ continued the room-master.

As we enter the bunker area, the history of this places immediately touches all of us. It´s becoming apparent that this escape game will be different than what we´ve experienced so far. Something unique. Authentic.

Our assumptions prove true immediately once the doors close behind us. Sirens are resounding and bombs are hitting Prague with heavy bangs. Light is flickering and we think that even walls are resonating from impact of explosions. My first consideration is to put on a helmet and hide in the corner. We gather all our courage and marshal all our abilities towards common goal – get out of this bloody room. But… There are further surprises.

You did not think bunker would be a comfortable place where you peacefully solve your riddles, did you?

Couching in the escape room

„Have you had visitors who did not like it or expected something else?” we asked room-master after the game mainly due to specific war atmosphere.

„Yes, there was once a gentleman, who got voucher for this game as a birthday present from his children. He entered the room, hit himself against the couch, took the newspaper from 1945 and spent the hour in between reading and sleeping. I was a bit anxious to ask him, how he enjoyed the game. But it had a happy ending. He said it had been one of the best hours of his life. Sounds were relaxing and reading newspaper gave him a comfort there is nowhere to rush. As the newspaper overslept for couple of decades, too.“

It seems that exit room Bombing of Prague is an ideal gift for any player.

Chat with the room-master and Becherovka bonus

As we were chatting with the owner after the game, he told us some historical stories about bombing of Prague and I felt a bit embarrassed how little I remember from my history classes. But the owner was super nice and passionate about telling us more as we showed interest. At the end of it, he looked into a shelf and handed us a bottle of Becherovka with a note: „It´s a special day today, 71th anniversary of bombing of Prague, and st. Valentine as well. I don´t drink much so please take it and have a great day.“

So on top of experience from perfect atmosphere, we leave the place with a good feeling about future of escape rooms in Prague. As long as the rooms are created and staffed by similar passionate people as the owner of Pokud se tvorbě únikových místností budou věnovat podobní lidé a hlavně nadšenci, jako je majitel Exit Room Prague, we can look ahead with confidence.

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