Would you assassinate Nazi Reich protector in WW2?

It´s 1942. Europe is trembling under amidst the biggest war conflict of all times. Whilst German forces are pressing towards Stalingrad, the Nazi grip on Prague gets shaken by the assassination of Reich Protector Reinhard Heydrich. German state secretary K. H. Frank calls a night curfew upon Prague and you can get arrested by Gestapo for just about anything little suspicious. Whole Prague trembles in fear…

It´s dark outside and storm is coming. But we know that storm will be the least of our concern, if we fail to finish everything in an hour. We are in the escape game OPERATION ANTHROPOID, deeply involved in the events of 1942.

Our goal is to get into the flat of Pavel Nový and discover his secret which needs to stay concealed. Gestapo will be here in an hour and our instruction is clear – protect the secret at all cost. Stakes have never been as high as today. Future of our country is on the line.

Entering the flat was everything but easy. We had to marshal all the wits of our team to be able to break in. We are in now. Newspaper dated 1942 lies carelessly folded over the table. Radio plays some music of the 40´s and we slowly start understanding why was Pavel Nový scared to death. Step by step we progress and are getting close to to understand the issue.

But we cannot crack last riddles and time is pressing hard. It feels like the time is flying. Half of our team is anxiously checking whether or not they can see Gestapo footsteps in the corridor. But we need to focus… Last riddle and we can get out. Fast please! A little faster! Otherwise…



SolvePrague at Operation Anthropoid, time 55:45

Evaluation of Operation Anthropoid

The game has been designed by people who understand history of Prague. The room is equipped with historical furniture and all the items fit so well that you really feel like in 1942 in one of the Prague flats. You should not expect highly technological quests as they don´t really fit the atmosphere of 1942.

However, you will surely experience authentic atmosphere and captivating story based and the real events of second world war. Assassination of Reich Protector Reinhard Heydrich is one of the most important milestones of Czech history in WW2 and it is really cool to find out more about how the event was planned and (literally) executed.

Our roommaster was Miriam, who was one of the best roommasters we´ve seen to date. Full of energy and friendly, she helped to make our stay a remarkable escape room experience for our group. Thumbs up.

The game is harder than average level in Prague, so we recommend it to players who already played before.

Overall we totally recommend to visit Operation Anthropoid by Locked in Prague and are happy to provide you with unique CZK 200 discount as a special gift.