Czech Trap


Czechoslovakia in 1970s is under a firm communistic dictatorship. The Velvet revolution would bring democracy only later in 1989. However, people in 1970s cannot know this and are conspiring heavily against the regime. Risking their own lives. Unable to trust anyone. 

Escape Room Czech Trap brings you to this era with a quest to support the revolt. You will find yourself in the printing office operated by one of the dissidents. There awaits you a stunning authentic atmosphere and lot of thrilling riddles, quests and mysteries.

This Prague escape room also offers other entertainment options like mini-golf, billiard, or table football. You can enjoy refreshments at the bar directly in the atmosphere of printing office. Overall Czech Trap is a really well crafted escape game, where you can spend more entertainment time with your friends on top of a standard hour for the escape room.


Opatovická 18, Praha 1
Tel.: + 420 723 658 293

RoomDifficultySuccess rateBest timePricePlayers
Czech TrapNormal75%19m 40s1200 CZK2 - 6