Escape Master

Escape Master presents two dramatic escape games from terrifying classified asylum. Madness is everywhere. Insanity stares at you from every corner. Doctors apply banned practices and do horrific experiments on their patients. 

Meet Patient 27

The most frightening madman is patient number 27, who was taken care of by nurse Anna. She was administering experimental substances to patient 27 and monitoring effects on his mind. Until the day she mysteriously disappeared. She was last seen entering the cell 27...

Are you brave enough to step into cell 27 and find out what happened? Patient 27 is looking forward to meeting another visitor...

Patient 27 by Escape Master is a popular escape room in Prague. You will remember this. With a chilling smile...

Escape Master with 10% off

If you like Patient 27, we have a good news for you. There is a second game in the same asylum - "Room number 606". 

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Enjoy the game and please come back here to drop a customer review. Other tourists will appreciate it.


Prosecká 524/26, Praha 8
Tel.: + 420 777 953 569

Code: Solveprague

Escape Master rooms

RoomsDifficultySuccess rateBest timePricePlayers
Patient 27Normal58%23m 47s1200 CZK2 - 5
Room 606Normal50%26m 48s1200 CZK2 - 5