Lostrooms is a traditional escape room place in Prague. They have been around for a while and built the highest number of escape games in whole Prague. They are located in different places across Prague so make sure you carefully check the address of the game you´ve chosen.

Lostrooms offer 9 escape games

With so many games to choose from, you will appreciate the overview of difficulty and success rates below.

  • Beginners will like the game Hotel Le Marais, where you become a CIA agent on a quest to solve mysterious murder in the cosy Paris hotel. This is a detective investigation type of game so be observant and use deductive thinking to progress fast from cue to cue.
  • From normal difficulty games the game The Attorney has very good reviews. You could also visit brand new game Back to School which is full of experiments and logical quests.
  • The game Black Room is a classic among difficult escape rooms. You enter a room of absolute darkness. What awaits you there?

Lostrooms game Hotel Le Marais was the first escape room SolvePrague team ever visited. You can read our story in the blog post Locked for the first time.


Žitomirská 38, Praha 10
Email: office@lostrooms.cz
Tel.: + 420 776 744 406

RoomsDifficultySuccess rateBest timePricePlayers
Hotel Le MaraisEasier90%27 minutes1250 CZK2 - 4
Black roomChallenging60%40 minutes1250 CZK2 - 4
Museum robberyNormal90%28 minutes1250 CZK2 - 4
The attorneyNormal70%28 minutes1250 CZK2 - 4
Witch´s hutNormal70%40 minutes1250 CZK2 - 4
BeyondNormal70%45 minutes1250 CZK2 - 4
PortalNormal80%32 minutes1250 CZK2 - 4
Big bang??????1250 CZK2 - 4
Back to school??????1250 CZK2 - 4
Lostrooms - review
8.4 / 10 Reviewer
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Story & Atmosphere8.5
Lostrooms offer variety of great games to choose from. Hotel le Marais was our first escape room ever and we totally loved it - we recommend it especially for beginners. There are also more challenging rooms to try. Check out our overview of difficulties and success rates for each Lostroom escape game.