Questroom presents unique escape room „Experiment,“ which is very special in one aspect. There are standard quests, riddles and brain teasers. But on top of that you will be surprised by original technical tasks. Play this game with a manly friend who like experiments and his heart will absolutely melt in this escape room. 

Questroom asks you - do not blow it!

Women will enjoy variety of puzzles, riddles and quests. But, ladies, please check on your manly companions and their experiments every now and then. So that they don´t not blow whole Questroom in an explosion.

There are more people keen to visit this escape room yet. Especially with SolvePrague special discount you can find below.

Alice in Wonderland and Curse of Chucky

Questrooms has two more escape rooms under consruction. If you like the Chucky doll from the horror movie, you will be anxiously awaiting the game "Curse of Chucky“.

Fans of fairy-tales will appreciate escape room "Alice in Wonderland" which is coming soon. We are looking forward to both games as they will further raise a good reputation of Questroom.

Discount 250CZK

Use a special SolvePrague discount for the game "Experiment". Fill a code CHCIVEN1 in the field „Coupon code“ while booking.

Enjoy the game and please come back to share your impressions and rate the game.


Trojanova 355/6, Praha 2
Tel.: +420 777 330 251



RoomsDifficultySuccess rateBest timePricePlayers
ExperimentNormal85%25 minutes1200 CZK1 - 4