Real Games

Real Games

Real Games is clearly the worst escape room in Prague and we totally recommend to NOT EVER visit it. Seriously.

Design of the room is sloppy, neither story nor atmosphere gives you a feeling of something real. You have just 40 - 50 minutes to escape because there is clearly not many quests or interesting things to do. Price is slightly lower than usual but it by far did not compensate our disappointment from wasted time and money.

Stay away of this.


Tel.: ??

RoomsDifficultySuccess rateBest timePricePlayers
Mysterious room??????990 CZK1 - 5
Time loop??????1100 CZK1 - 4
Exit Gate??????1399 CZK1 - 4
Dark Hole??????1100 CZK1 - 4
Horor Escape??????1399 CZK1 - 4