Mystery of Puzzle

Mystery of Puzzle (or "Tajemství hlavolamu" in Czech) is escape game based on one of the most famous Czech comic book. It has been written by Jaroslav Foglar a genius comics writer and has been by far the most popular story of its time. It is about a group of teenager boys who establish a famous club Fast Arrows ("Rychlé šípy" in Czech) and experience fascinating stories together.

Most exciting story of Fast Arrows is - guess what - Mystery of the Puzzle. Visit this unique escape room in Prague and dive into amazing piece of Czech culture. Your quest will be to find and solve the puzzle before a mysterious man in a mask comes...

Detailed review from our visit

We understand that for tourists the name of this story is perhaps not as catchy as for Czech people. But don´t be mistaken - it is an absolute classic. Unique piece of Czech culture, which is definitely worth visiting. We have played this escape room and prepared a detailed review from our visit in a blog post which also includes a some "must know" information about this story.

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Enjoy the game.


Italská 32, Praha 2
Tel.: +420 799 512 727


Mystery of puzzle

RoomsDifficultySuccess rateBest timePricePlayers
Mystery of puzzleNormal60%42 min.1100 - 1600 CZK2 - 5