The Curse of Vyšehrad

Beside traditional escape rooms, outdoor escape rooms are quickly getting their attention. One of those is the new game The Curse of Vyšehrad created in an app by Hunger Games. Pleasant outdoor escape room takes 3 hours of play and you will get to look to some beautiful corners of Vyšehrad castle and its surrounding. You can play the game even during the night.

You can start the game anytime after the purchase and you do not have to wait in line for your turn.

The Curse of Vyšehrad during the night

Some stories end with a suicide, this one begins with one. News about unexplainable phenomena lured two brothers to Vyšehrad castle. But now only one of them remains alive.

Help him find out what happened to his brother, challenge your shrewdness, persistence and courage. Go on a journey that is going to reveal things you thought do not exist. Get the feel of quaint castle of Vyšehrad through an unknown side. Experience uncertainty, horror and the brink of madness.

If you are not a chicken, play the game during a night! Forward to Vyšehrad! Follow a track of The Curse of Vyšehrad!

Starting point: V Pevnosti 46/1, 128 00 Praha 2-Vyšehrad

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Discount 100 CZK, 200 CZK and 300 CZK

Single team should use the code solveprague1 for a discount of 100 CZK. The final price with the code is 1190 CZK 1090 CZK.

Two teams should use the code solveprague2 for a discount of 200 CZK. The final price with the code is 1190 CZK 990 CZK. Therefore, the discount for the whole purchase is 400 CZK.

Three teams should use the code solveprague3 for a discount of 300 CZK. The final price with the code is 1190 CZK 890 CZK. Therefore, the discount for the whole purchase is 900 CZK.

Fill in the codes to the "voucher" field right before making your payment. The discount will be deducted automatically.